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To allow for focused learning and meaningful exploration our facility is divided up into different learning spaces called ateliers

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Atelier Based Learning

It is essential to our child-centered approach that children intrinsically understand how to interact with and learn from their classroom environment. The Reggio approach considers the classroom itself to be one of the children’s teachers and we really incorporate this ideal into the core of our curriculum. Because of this we organize our classroom for atelier based learning to aid the children’s exploration. Our ateliers are individual centers in the classroom that the students can naturally interact with for purposeful learning. 

Our Ateliers

Depending on our theme or project the ateliers in the studio transform to meet the learning needs of the students. Each unit sees the classroom truly transform into a new and fantastic space which encourages the children to explore and ask questions. Our ateliers allow our students to focus on areas such as creative studies, math and logic, literacy, and dramatic play. Each new environment we visit allows for new explorations. For example: while learning about the jungle our dramatic play area may become a tree house high up in the forest canopy. This tree house would be overlooking our logic center where the children would be counting and patterning jungle birds and our art atelier where the children might be painting a giant jaguar. These are only a few of the possible outcomes when exploring this theme and our explorations are only limited by the children’s inquiry and imagination. Each month is a new adventure!

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