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A balanced daily schedule allows for our students to explore, discover, and learn in all of our ateliers


International Preschool Program

9:00-14:30  | 9:00-17:00 (extension care available)

A full international preschool program allowing the children to benefit greatly from one-to-one interaction with teachers, and small group interaction with peers. Our program provides our students with daily opportunities to experience a wide variety of projects in all of our ateliers which allows for daily growth and discovery.


Attendance Options

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Full-Day Preschool 
After School

We also offer flexible options for morning and evening extended care.


KOA International Preschool offers flexible scheduling to fit the needs of working families


Calendar and Events

Our school year is packed with exciting events to support our curriculum, give the students access to amazing experiences, and honor the children’s growth and development. These events include trips and outings, sports day, a family picnic, our graduation ceremony, and even a multicultural feast! Throughout the year we also host weekend parent communication days to allow parents time to communicate with the teachers about their child’s growth and development.

Lunch Service

In partnership with our cafe, we offer healthy and delicious catered meals to make sure students nutritional needs are met.


One unique feature of our program is our daily journal. This is a document created daily by our teachers which provides a wealth of information about your child’s life at school. Not only will there be great photos of the school day, but also information about what topics we are learning about, special activities, songs we a learning, or ongoing projects at school. Using the daily journal allows for each family to form a complete picture of their child’s education and to help them learn and develop even outside of school

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