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To facilitate discovery our program focuses on monthly explorations of a different country and culture. Each month the studio will be host to new learning materials, activities, and facility changes which allow the children to explore a different country.

Our Program

Not only do the children get the chance to explore the entire world, but country-based themes are open-ended enough that the children can take their learning in an infinite number of directions. Through our program not only are our students exposed to a endless wealth of information, but also are allowed the chance to discovery their own interests and create their own adventures.




A Natural Approach to Language and Communication

JUNE- Philippines.jpg

Young children are amazingly receptive to acquiring language and communication. For this reason we cater our program around fostering an immersive and language rich environment. Children are exposed to new language and information and encouraged to communicate to help them gain more information about topics of interest. Children are capable of absorbing an endless amount of information, particularly in an exciting, positive, and nurturing environment, and that is exactly what we provide.

When children have an emotional connection to learning they feel motivated to constantly communicate their needs and interests! Additionally children are supported by targeted monthly goals related to language and literacy. These goals are shared with the child’s family who are provided with additional resources to help bridge the gap between home and school which makes learning more relevant and fun. 

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